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Chapter Fourteen

Lemuel gains his first friend in Court; He gets advice on seeking Asylum; He is serviced by the Lovers and returns the ladies’ love.

Redriff, Thursday the 18th of  February, 1703
General Reldresal, the only Lilliputian representative who dares to stand on Lemuel's palm when talking to him.
Artist: Unknown
The General jumps on his horse and gallops away, leaving Lemuel to ponder about the ominous impending Lovers.
Artist: Philip Mendoza (1898–1973)
Three of the Lovers, commencing their work.
Artists: (from L to R) Gottfried Schalken (1643–1706), (after) Gerrit Dou (1613–1675), Gottfried Schalken (1643–1706)
An example of a holly book, in this case, the Bible.
Artist: Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) 
One of the crude sketches found among Mary's papers.
True Artist: Julius Zimmerman
(Permission granted)
Another one of the crude sketches found among Mary's papers.
True Artist: Julius Zimmerman

“QUINBUS Flestrin (Man-Mountain)” General Reldresal said, “our most High Emperor of Lilliput, the delight and terror of the universe, etc., etc., wishes me to speak with you as a friend.”


      To which my Lemuel gave his humble thanks and appreciation, though he already knew that Reldresal wanted to be friends with him, of his own accord. Unlike all other dignitaries who would come to visit Lemuel (most of them just out of curiosity) Reldresal insisted from the start not to stand at a safe distance on the upper circle, eye-to-eye with Lemuel, but to stand on Lemuel’s palm or knee.

      And so, sitting on his bed, leaning on the wall, his arms hugging his bent legs (one of which was still chained to his Prison-Temple,) Lemuel was listening closely to Reldresal, who was marching as he was speaking, back and forth on Lemuel’s knee, sometimes jumping from one knee to the other (Reldresal was renown in Lilliput for his agility.)

      Lemuel was assured of Reldresal’s loyalty, when Reldresal was urging him to seek official Asylum at Lilliput.


      “You should start the process as soon as possible” was Reldresal’s advise: “If you have an Asylum Status here, in time you will be entitled for a Residence Permit, and later a Citizenship, and later - who knows – you might even rise high up in Court!”

      “I always had Political Aspirations.” confided Lemuel, “I have a vision and a dream. Yes, I can! My party could really change the world!”

      “I am afraid” Coughed Reldresal politely, “that becoming the head of a party – any party – is out of the question: you should have been born on Lilliputian soil to merit such high post.”

      Still, the prospect of rising high up in Court was also quite appealing to my Lemuel. He was very flattered by Reldresal’s confidence in him, and from what he could see of Lilliput, walking as far as his chains would allow him, he liked this little quaint land. If he could not get back to England, he might as well try to make it, almost to the top, right here!


      If he could make it there, he could make it anywhere.

      But there was more.


      As Lemuel lowered General Reldresal back to the ground, the General coughed again:

      “Oh yes. The Emperor knows full well how difficult it must be for you, away from your home and family.” Said Reldresal and Lemuel shed a tear, which the General was quick to wipe off his bold, bared head.

      “In our country we use the services of Lovers, for men who are without a family or away on the road. Seeing as we do, that your needs and possibly your abilities are far greater than ours, the Emperor will provide you with six Lovers, tonight.”

      At first Lemuel tried to convince the General that the mere idea was preposterous, but to no avail. General Reldresal just thought my Lemuel a prude, and laughingly, he jumped on his Lilliputian horse and galloped away.

      As night fell and it became dark, Lemuel became aware that he had no place to hide. Still chained to his Prison-Temple, all he could do was hope that the Lovers would not be hurt emotionally, when he would reject them, or physically, when he would not succeed in rejecting them.

      As nothing happened and nobody came, he decided to go to sleep, hoping that the General had come to his senses, after all.


      Lying on his coarse bed, fast asleep, he was suddenly woken up by soft whispers in his ear:


      “Quinbus Flestrin, hugru Festo“ meaning: “Man-Mountain, you are really great.”


      And they continued in soft Lilliputian: “You are worthy of love. We all love you!” He opened his eyes, but in the pitch dark, he could not see anybody. As the sweet voices persisted, he could make out that there were six of them, whispering somewhere nearby.

      “Where are you,” he whispered back, “let me see you!”

      At that he heard some giggles, and immediately six little lamps were lit. In this dim light he saw six Lilliputian women of various ages, from 20 to 60, and various sizes from 5 to 7 inches, dressed sombrely in black, sitting on little stools near his head.

      “What is it,” he gasped, “what are you doing here?”

      “We are your Lovers,” answered the one who seemed to be the oldest and most respected. “The General sent for us, to love and comfort you.”

      “It is all paid for in advance, by the Emperor, worry not,” added another one.

      “So, what is it that you do?” asked Lemuel, somewhat amused.

      “We tell you that we love you, of course”, they all said, bursting into laughter “Everybody knows that!”

      “Well, I am from another place, as you can tell.” Said Lemuel. “Please excuse my ignorance.”

      Upon which they preceded to explain to him that the Lilliputian men are prone to be lonesome when they travel away from home, and even when at home if their spouses do not show them enough love. Which is why many moons ago, a profession has evolved of ‘Lovers’: women whose occupation it was to give men love, affection and when needed, admiration.

      “And what about sex?” asked Lemuel, bewildered.

      “Oh, Sex,” said the Lovers, “This, each man is bound by our holy Blundecral and the holy matrimony contract to give his wife, at least four times a week.”

      “Oh,” said Lemuel, “and if not?”

      “He is stoned to death, of course,” said the Lovers, as a matter of fact, to Lemuel’s terrified astonishment.

      “So, well, ok, so how do you go about your work, as Lovers?” asked Lemuel, and the tiny women resumed whispering loving, comforting and encouraging words in his ear, until Lemuel could not take it anymore and he burst into tears. While they were whispering gently, he could not help thinking about his poor, dear mother, who never had time to hug or caress him; about his childhood sweetheart, who died in the Plague, even about his children and his wife -- and he felt that he was missing it all, oh, so bitterly.


      And as the professional, warm voices played in his ear, he was overcome by emotions and crying, crying bitterly, he was suddenly aware that he was all alone.


      The Lovers were just closing the door behind them, the last one waving good-bye.

      In a strange and inexplicable way, Lemuel did feel much better.

      “But, wait a minute!” He called out, and was much relieved to see the door open again.

      “We were only paid for one session” Apologised the eldest Lover.

      “But the General will surely pay us tomorrow more, when we tell him..?” ventured the youngest.

      “Oh well,” said the oldest, “let us go back in.”

      But when they sat themselves again on their little stools and resumed their “We love you,” Lemuel stopped them sharply.

      “We were talking before about Sex.” He said, “How do unmarried men get by in this province?”

      “They get married, of course,” said the oldest.

      “Or they are hired by married men, who cannot fulfil all their matrimonial duties, to have Sex with their wives, of course,” added the youngest.

      “And if a woman wants to have Sex more than four times a week?” ventured Lemuel cautiously.

      “It is always a problem” sighed the Lovers, and exchanged glances with each other.

      “In fact,” said the oldest, “many women among us are petitioning the Emperor to make the law five times a week.”

      “But it is very difficult. The rumour goes, that the Emperor, who is also the Highest Priest, He himself cannot fulfil His obligations and He secretly hires men to take care of the Empress, and many a time she pays for extra, with her own money, too!”

      “While we, the poor Lover women, can never afford it!”

      “Could I be of any help at all?” asked Lemuel hopefully.

      “Oh, so sorry,” cried the Lovers as one, “we could not possibly afford you!”

      “Why not?” Lemuel’s heart sank.

      “You are too big, much too big for us! We pay according to size, you see.”

      “Oh, that,” said Lemuel, “What if I will not ask to be paid?”

      “We could always exchange Loving with Sex” reasoned the youngest with the others.

      And so the business was concluded, though Lemuel knew full well he could do without their Loving and his crying. Yet, he was much intrigued to have Sex with them.

      The ladies then climbed onto his lap, and opening the flap of his breeches, gasped in delight at the size of his still soft manhood. As he watched them help each other to undress, Lemuel caressed his Yard and soft bollocks, and felt the familiar sensation of heat and urgency, as it was growing big.


      He figured that he would not need to use his condum, as no penetration was likely to occur.


      The ladies held hands together and balanced themselves on his thighs, giggling in wonderment. In the soft candles’ light, he noted that their skins were white and their bodies seemed to be very firm. He could not see any difference between them; no signs of age on their perfectly shaped bodies, heavy yet firm breasts and smooth bellies[78].

      Leaning back on his hands, Lemuel watched how the ladies formed a circle around his proud Yard, stepping gently on his bollocks and belly with their naked little feet.


      The sensation was overwhelming.


      Never could he fathom that such a delicate touch would produce such a pleasurable effect! He shut his eyes and felt how six little warm bodies clung to his erect Yard, rubbing their little breasts and warm limbs close to it.


      The ladies seemed to enjoy themselves enormously, too, for he soon heard only heavy breathings. Hugging and caressing his Yard, which was becoming harder and harder, one of the ladies suddenly collapsed, and sat down with her legs wrapped around the base of it, writhing her tiny, wet Seat of Pleasure on a bulging vein. Arching her body, she was clutching at his bush, and this sent sharp sensations up Lemuel’s spine. He felt her tiny slit warm and wet at the base of his Yard and he felt a great urge to taste this wetness.

      Gently, he scooped her off his belly and rolled her on her back, on the palm of his hand. She probably sensed his wish and lay there with her legs asunder, her arms above her head, grasping the tip of his finger for support. Delicately, Lemuel stuck out the tip of his tongue and licked her legs and wet womanhood. She squealed in delight and spread her legs still wider, pushing onto the tip of Lemuel’s tongue.

      The taste was exquisite. Reminiscent of delicate mead[79]. As he explored her Lilliputian womanhood with the tip of his tongue, he felt the other five ladies rubbing their own wetness, bellies and bosoms against his ever erect Yard, stretching their arms high up, trying to get to his Crown.


      Ever so carefully, with his other hand, he picked one of the ladies up and placed her astride the top of his Yard, where she started whirling vigorously.

      At that moment Lemuel was overcome with bliss and joy, and therefore he was not fast enough to remove the Lady from up there, before the Juicy Fruit of their labours burst out in gushes, toppling over the lady, covering her with the thick-warm liquid.


      Soon all those delighted ladies were covered top to bottom, rubbing each other’s bodies with Lemuel’s Produce. The lady in his palm called out: “Let me down too, please, my good Man-Mountain!” and Lemuel watched in amazement how the six of them were rubbing each other excitedly.

      “Was it as good for you?” Asked Lemuel tenderly, and was quite pleased to hear “Yes! But we are not done yet!” and the six of them rolled off him and positioned themselves on their backs, side by side on his bed, gesturing for him to advance with his tongue.

      Lemuel then pushed aside his chains, turned on his knees and started toying with his tongue not only with the ladies’ Cavities, but also around their breasts, bellies and the back of their necks. They were laughing and turning in all directions, to better feel Lemuel’s tongue all over their bodies. Then they asked him to put his hands on the floor, and each of them mounted a finger.


      Rubbing against his fingers, feeling the hairs penetrating, one by one they all reached their Desired High Points, satisfied, spent and happy.

      When they dismounted from his fingers and dressed up again, Lemuel sniffed at his fingers and treasured the delicate scent of six Ladies’ love. 


Philip Mendoza
Gottfried Schalken, Gerrit Dou
Vincent van Gogh
Julius Zimmerman
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