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Subversive, rebellious, quirky -- Mrs. Gulliver and the Secret of Size is all about intelligent fun.

Read it and you shall awaken happier.

The idea of writing Mrs. Gulliver’s Secrets has been with me for many, many years, ever since I discovered how absurd things can be in the world of the Grown-ups.                             

Hypocrisy, Prejudice and Brainwashing, I have learned, can best be tackled with Satire and Sex.

Now, Satire and Sex are what Mrs. Gulliver's Secrets is all about!

The four-book series of Mrs. Gulliver's Secrets is a fun and thought-provoking read. It tells what really happened to Gulliver on his four voyages.

All the delicious stories he secretly whispered  to Mary, his wife, at night. 

Of course Gulliver didn't publish the details of his saucy adventures in his "Gulliver's Travels" (which he published in 1726, using the pseudonym of "Jonathan Swift.")

In his time these stories would have been considered Pornography which was dangerously illegal and could have cost him his life.


But, in the long and lonely nights, when Gulliver was at sea, Mary wrote all those stories down, and even candidly chronicled her own adventures. She hid all those pages carefully in a secret drawer.

The story goes that recently, these pages were discovered by a university professor of 'Gender Studies in the 17th-18th centuries.' This woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, translated Mary's memoir into modern English, added footnotes to explain the background of Mary's era -- and gave the manuscript to me, believing for some reason that I'd be the right woman to unleash Mrs. Gulliver's Secrets on the world.
I think she's right. 
And I feel that now, more than ever, it is important to look at the world through Mrs. Gulliver's sensual and quirky perspective. 
Check out all the CHAPTERS, in Secrets' Gate
In the PREFACE (written by the anonymous professor) you can read more about the rest of the series.
(A teaser: in Book Two, the voyage to the island of the giants, Mary actually goes to sea, to save her husband. Her hair-splitting adventures were never revealed before!)
Mrs. Gulliver's Secrets are revealed on the Internet as well as in a full-colour, festive BOOK form -- very, very soon.
The first book, Mrs. Gulliver and the Secret of Size, about the voyage to Lilliput, is now available as an interactive novel, HERE.
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