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Erga Netz

About me

By now a Dutch citizen, I was actually born in Israel. Since 1988 I live and work in The Netherlands as a TV and film producer, editor, project-manager and theatre producer and actress, and as an author.

Read more about

my past and present work here:

my other present work:

'Mrs. Gulliver and the Secret of Size'

is dedicated to the memory of

Izzy (Isidore) Abrahami,

my brilliant friend and colleague.

(My own notorious secret.)

We shared our lives and work for 25 years.

Izzy'le died on April 1st, 2013 and in his last years,

when work didn't come easy,

I could still lift his spirits

with each new chapter

of Mrs. Gulliver's.

Thank you, Izzy'le --

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