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The Author hears from Captain John Nicholas of the “Adventure"

that Lemuel was stranded in the Giants' land. Captain John Nicholas refuses to go to sea and save him. The Author decides to do it all by herself and if she will survive -will tell how it happened when she will back.

Redriff,  Friday  the 18th  of April, 1704  
The "Adventure" returns to London with news about Gulliver.
Artist: Charles John De Lacy(1856-1929)
The boy cries in horror.
Artist: Grandville (1803-1847) 
Lemuel is abandoned on the Giant's land.
Artist: Grandville (1803-1847) 

THIS is impossible – but it must be true. It must be true, or I will go mad!

      Captain John Nicholas of the “Adventure," the man and ship I cursed for the last year, for having taken my love from me, and hurling his body somewhere at sea – they, at least, are back!

      I was busy finishing packing to join my children who were already at my sister’s home in Newgate Street, when the Captain knocked on my door.

      His tale was incredible and scary. He told me that my love, my Lemuel, Mr. Gulliver, might still be alive!

      What a mind-boggling story he told me!

      My Lemuel was last seen, ten months past, on Sunday, June 17th, 1703, on a great unknown island, or continent, (for they knew not whether, they lost their position due to a storm.)


      They cast anchor there in search of fresh water, and a dozen men, well armed, were sent by Captain Nicholas in the long-boat,

with vessels for water, if any could be found.

      I was spellbound when Captain Nicholas told me that Mr. Gulliver desired his leave to go with them, that he might see the country, and make what discoveries he could.

      A few hours later, told me the Captain, the boy on the topmast cried in horror, and the Captain saw a huge creature walking in the sea, as fast as he could. He was dressed as a human, and in fact was a prodigious human, chasing the long-boat, which was making haste to get back to the ship!


      That huge monster, which seemed to be twelve times as big as a normal God abiding Christian, waded not much deeper than his knees, and took prodigious strides, but the men had the start of him half a league, and, the sea thereabouts being – apparently - full of sharp-pointed rocks, the monster was not able to overtake the boat.

      “And?” I asked, breathless.

      “They all returned safely, except for Mr. Gulliver, I am afraid. We

raised anchor right away, resumed our route to Surat where we concluded our business satisfactorily, and came back to England safely, last week. I came to see you, dear Mrs. Gulliver, as soon as I could. ”

      “And my husband?”

      “He might still be alive if the monster hasn’t found him till now. Or he might be dead, Mam, I am afraid.”

      “You are afraid?!” I screamed, forgetting myself completely “You are afraid? I am desolate! This is impossible! Why did you not return at night to bring him back? Why did the fool have to go explore the land? Why did you let him? He is but a ship-surgeon, he is not supposed to be eaten live by giant monsters!”

      I cried.

      “Will you take back to sea, to rescue him?” I asked.

      “No, Mam, I cannot undertake such a dangerous voyage. No one, no king and no merchant, will see a commercial prospect in such an undertaking. I am afraid you have to accept my condolences, Mrs. Gulliver, along with your husband’s salary and shares.”

      I accepted them, and he left.

      But I am resolved to use the money he gave me, the rewards of my Lemuel’s hard work, loyalty and gullibility, to do whatever I can to find my man and rescue him.

      I have no time to lose. The plan is already hatching in my mind.

      I know exactly what I should do, and I intend to do it.

      If it costs me my life, I shall rescue my man.[155]

Charles John De Lacy
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