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[29] Though there's evidence of matches being used in China as of the 13th century, this invention arrived in Europe only in 1669, when the German alchemist Henning Brandt discovered the flammable nature of phosphorus. But only as of the beginning of the 19th century were Lucifer Matches available in markets in England.

     Yet, the first evidence of man-controlled fire comes from China (where controlling people has since been refined with awe-striking results. Sadly, the 'Covid-19' scam, hatch-up in Davos, serves as most proof of it.) Dating back 780,000 and 400,000 years ago, evidence of cooking was found in the Chinese site of Zhoukoudian.

     Up until the mid 19th century, if you didn't keep the fire burning day and night, you'd have to clash flint on steel to make a spark, as Mary evidently just did.

There's no smoke without fire. Do you agree? Know more wise-cracks?

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