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[35] By now the list of Ends of the World is much longer than the one which was known in the times of Mary Gulliver. This phenomenon, of blind belief in that which has been proven time and time again to be false, testifies to the amazing talent of Man to learn nothing. It's probably comforting to ignore accumulated knowledge while giving in to induced fear.

     Mary would have been a witness, or would have remembered stories about the world’s due endings in:


  • 1666 (1000 =millennium + 666 =number of the Beast. The Great Fire of London in 1666 was for many a token of the validity of this prediction;

  • 1688 (doomsday calculation #1 of John Napier's, a mathematician who was better at discovering logarithms than at predicting the End of the World. Many a pupil struggling with logarithms would rather he was right about the End of the World.    Me too.)

  • 1700 (doomsday calculation #2 of John Napier's, based on the Book of Daniel.)


  • John (Henry) Archer, a Fifth Monarchy Man claimed that the World As We Know It would end on January 1st, 1700, in his 1642 book “The Personal Reign of Christ Upon Earth.”

  • 2020 - Politicians all over the world predicted its end, due to the pandemic they concocted together with the pharmaceutical industry. As this is written, it did not transpire, though there're many hopes that their pandemic will spell the end of their world-dominance.

John Napier (1550-1617) A mathematician with religious interests, as well as a magician dabbling in alchemy 
and necromancy, which explains his level of accuracy in End Of The World predictions.
Artist: Unknown

Do you this the Corona signals the next End of the World (as we know it)?

And if yes - Why do you want the world (as we know it) to end)

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