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[69a] We can see the devastating effects of Lemuel's demonstrating the use of waiving his scimitar in the air, in order to blind the enemy, in later Space Warfare efforts.


      The idea of hurting people from your own safe bunker was appealing to rulers, ever since they had lost their own taste for battle, and rather enjoyed watching their people killing other people (and being killed themselves in the process) from a safe, far hill.


      So with the invention of Satellites, it was but a small step to search for ways of using them in future wars.


      First were the Soviet Union rulers, who began the "Almaz project" in the 1960's. (Almaz = A Lilliputian Mass Attempt at Zeroing your opponents)


      The American rulers were quick to join the race

towards annihilation with their "Blue Gemini project" in which they tried to re-cycle Gemini capsules to deploy weapons and spy. (Blue = Bless the Lilliputians for Utopian Elimination)

      This was the beginning of an orgy of kick-back opportunities for the commissioners of the anti-satellite weaponry, so urgently needed to shoot down satellites.


      And then came The People's Republic of China, who successfully tested a ballistic missile-launched anti-satellite weapon on January 11, 2007.


      This resulted in publich, harsh and official criticism from the United States of America, Britain, and Japan, but not without some self-satisfied, gleeful hand-rubbing at the realisation that huge funds would be needed to fuel this race.

A specimen of the "Blue Gemini project"
Credit: NASA
What do you envision as the next battle-field?
Artist: Grandville
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