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(L to R), Helpless young woman, 
her Chaperone, predator suitor.
Artist: Herman ten Kate (1822-1891) 

[72]  Another misconception that resulted from Mary Burton-Gulliver's reluctance to publish her diary, is the common mistake that the word Chaperone - in the sense of Protector - dates from 1720 (and later in Jane Austn's “Elinor and Marianne”, 1811.)


      Originating from the French word Chaperone, which means 'a hood of a hawk,' the word lent its protective usage to describe the person who accompanies a helpless person out in the world.


      Women are still considered helpless in many parts of the world.

This question is to the women among us:

Do you see also  benefits in being considered  helpless?

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