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1989 ad for Fendi for Men fragrance
Artist: Unknown

[75]  Mary writes freely in her diary about all sorts of bodily activities, but she never mentions bathing.


      So Gulliver’s scent must have been quite strong, and Lilliputian women were attracted to this.


      It might have to do with Natural Selection. The Females of the species tending to mate with Males who exhibit signs of being stronger, of working harder than other Males.


      With the impending success of Women’s Lib, though, the Natural Selection starts shifted, and Men start wearing perfumes, desperate to attract successful, hard-working women.

Try this FENDI fragrance, it seems to work:

This question is to the men among us:

Would you rather be supported by your wife,

than supporting her?

(Financially. It'll take some time before women will turn to men to support them emotionally...)

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