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The term 'Eggheadedness', thought to have evolved in America in the 1950's, actually has its roots in Lilliput, and it represents politicians of all persuasions, who fight blindly for a cause, hoping to thus blind all around them to their eggheadedness. 
Artist: Unknown

[81]  Another point of note to consider is the crucial importance of Eggs.


      We can see it also in the rest of the known world: As far back as human memory goes, aided by archaeological evidence all over the globe, the Egg has always been a symbol of fertility and life.


      So much so, that already in the 9th century the Heads of Church recognised its symbolic importance and therefore banned the eating of eggs during the 46 days of Lent.


      The result was asserting even greater power over the populace and increasing the sales of eggs in Easter.

Would you say that the Church has a good business  sense?

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