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I'm still looking for the artist who managed to capture the similar differences so acutely. Anybody knows who done it? 
Artist: Unknown

[82]  It seems that Lilliputians’ life span was as short in years as they were short in stature.

      If we calculate the Lilliputian life span to be one-twelfth of Humans, and knowing that in the 17th century the average life span was 36 for the poor and 60 for the rich and famous, we can assume that poor Lilliputians lived 4 years and the rich 12.

      Of course, they lived faster.

      Anyway, this can explain their Lunar Time-Measure System and their botching it so well.


      By the way, according to a UN report published in June 2000, contemporary human life span was 37.9 for the poor and 100 for the rich.


      Noting in alarm, that the top 200 billionaires had the combined wealth of $1,135bn, (up by $100bn from the previous year,) while the total income of the 582 million people in all the developing countries, barely exceeded 10% of that ($146bn,] the UN declared that these inequalities should be classified as Human Rights Violations.

      So it was declared.

      That was in 2000. Since then things have changed, but not for the better.

Actually, would you like to live forever?

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