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[107]           Godsibb is an old English word, made of God and sibb, (which comes from the German 'Sippe'= close family.)

      Originally used for what we now call 'Godparent,' in the 16th century it took the meaning of describing a person, (usually a woman,) who cherishes idle talk, spreading news, rumours and shallow insights.


      (With the evolution of civilisation, these women are nowadays replaced by Yellow Papers.) 

      Women, as we saw in Chapter Eight, footnote 51, were labouring to maintain their homes and families most hours of the day and night, so the only time they could sit, relax and exchange Godsibb, was while attending birthing.

Another angle on birthing.
Artist: Jakob Rüff (1500–1588)

How about you? Do you take time to relax and exchange sweet, useless in formation with friends?

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