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Seemingly happy children in their communal sleeping/living spaces. (When they grew up, most Kibbutz children declared their childhood was not all roses.
Credit: Israeli Government Press Office

[117] There was an instance in modern history of practicing Lilliputian’s Child Rearing philosophy, in the form of the Israeli Kibbutzim’s Communal Child Rearing.


      It prevailed in those collective communities in Israel, until about the end of the 1980s. The downfall of Communist Russia, due to bankruptcy, marked the end of communal life of the Israeli Kibbutzim.


      Some say that Utopia will work well only when it will be all over the world.


      There is one village in Spain that proves the contrary, but I will not disclose its name.

As a child - would you have rather grew up with friends,

or with your parents?

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