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Madame La Comtesse de Saint Géran. Her heirless husband was so rich, that a number of people took part in the complot to steal Madame La Comtesse de Saint Géran's baby the moment it was born. Bringing the truth to light took 25 years, and a novel by Dumas.
Artist: Joseph Parrocel (1646-1704)

[153]           Sadly, Mary's crucial contribution to the rescue of the Lilliputians was totally forgotten.


    According to the chronicles revealed in “Mistress Masham’s Repose” (White, T.H., G.P. Putman’s Sons, New York, 1946) future generations of Lilliputians never heard of the woman-mountain named Mary Burton-Gulliver, and didn't know how much they were indebted to her.


    We cannot attribute this to Female-Oppression (unfortunately,) since a similar denial of a similar history is also to be found in the Jewish Hagadah.


    Celebrating annually for the last 3000 years their escape from slavery in Egypt, the Jewish descendants of the enslaved read the Hagadah, which glorifies the role of God in their release, and mentions Moses, who took many risks and did much work, only once. 

Did you do a great deed that went unnoticed and  un=thanked for? You can share it with us here, and be avenged!

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