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(L to R), Unknown Soldier, Unknown Soldier, Unknown Soldier, George Smith Patton, Jr. (1885-1945), Unknown Soldier. 

[71]  The resemblance between this speech and the one Gen. Patton made to his troops prior to D-Day (on June 5th, 1944) is quite eerie.

      I know for sure that no one before me has ever seen Mary’s manuscript, so I suspect the General, perhaps as a child, discovered the descendants of those Lilliputians who were kidnapped by Captain Biddle and rescued by Mary. (Mary tells of these events in Chapters Nineteen to Twenty-Eight).

      Little Patton must have heard from the Lilliputians about the famous speech of Blogolam, and it made such an impression on him, that he repeated it almost word for word, when the opportunity presented itself to him.

Do you think that four-letter words are a must when sending people to kill each other?

And why?  (Why send people to kill each other, I mean)

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