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Talking about Children

Mrs. Gulliver had 2 surviving children, Johnny and Betty. 5 more children died at birth, or soon after.

She thought it was the result of a curse (see Chapter Five) but, being a person of the 21st century, I know better. (Don't tell her!)

Where shall I start..

Well, you know those lines on the side of your palm, that indicate how many children you will have?

I have a couple of them, but no children to show for it. No need to pity me. I'm happy about it!

And here's why:

Twice in my life I had the experience of a period that came a few weeks later than it should have come. I attributed this to a natural abortion, and was happy about it.

I didn't want to have children, and was always relieved that I never had to make a choice about it: I never was pregnant, thus never having to consider an abortion.

But this morning it dawned on me what had REALLY happened in those 2 natural abortions:

As it goes, spirits in heaven, who are on the lookout for the body they will inhabit in their next incarnation, are alert to the when a sperm meets an egg on earth.

Then they consider the parents, the location, the stars and chose the fetus whose body they will use.

In my case, spirit after spirit looked down and said: No. I have an issue with which I should deal in my next incarnation. This woman will be too good a mother. I don't deserve her!

Then came the spirits who do not have an issue to deal with, who were already perfect in their past incarnation, such as Jesus, and Moses, and Martin Lither King and Mother Theresa, they all looked at me and said: No, she's too kind and talented. She should be free to make movies and write books. She doesn't deserve the punishment of children.

And so they left.

And here I am.


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