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Time for Yourself - 4 common lies that rob you of your time.

As I start preparing for the 'Official Launch' of my experimental, interactive novel, I engage with my readers and prospect readers, and I discover a shocking reality:

People don't have time for themselves.

I too lived under that misconception.

And I felt frustrated, useless, hopeless - until I heard a story that encouraged me to listen to myself, and do what myself told me to do:

"Take the time, it's the only thing that truly belongs to you. Listen to Yourself. You are the only one who knows what you are made of, what talents you possess.

Exploring your talents to the full is the only thing that will make you truly happy."

This idea, I know, is totally contrary to what we're being fed from birth: Buy things to make you happy. Get a job that will give you money to buy things that will make you happy. No matter what job, as long as you're secure with salary and pension. Wait patiently: when you'll reach your pension you'll have all the time to do what you want.

See the lies?

- Buy things to make you happy ?

No. When you buy things, you make the seller happy.

- Get a job, any job to buy the things to make you happy ?

No. You'll be working for someone else, who will abuse your time. Your boss will be happy.

- Feel secure with a salary and pension?

No. Your boss can fire you any time. Pension age is rising and pension sums are declining.

- Do what you want when you reach pension?

No. By that time, you will have no idea what you want. Your talents and passions will be eroded.

You will be older, spent, and you will have no true experience of feeling truly happy --

because you've spent the time which you were given. You gave it away, to people you don't even know. All those who convinced you that you need a job to get a salary to buy things that will make you happy.

It doesn't work.

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